MTU woes and the merits of re-signing

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Two stories to learn from today… MTU woes I got some news last week that initially got me worried; several colleagues were experiencing DNS problems at home since our secure delegation had been made active (or so it seemed). They had big problems resolving names under the domain. We mounted an investigation and it […]

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Thank you SIDN!

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For the tasty pie sent to us to celebrate as first domain in the DNSSEC Friends & Fans programme!

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Now validatable:

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Just to let you all know: is now fully validatable for the first time! A secure delegation has been added to the .nl zone which in turn now has a secure delegation in the root zone! Look at the dig statement below: the answer now has the ‘AD’ bit set to indicate that the […]

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And the winner is…

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Hugo Salgado from Chile managed to come up with a plausible solution: the spike is due to both DLV and the root trust anchor being used concurrently. I consulted NLnet Labs to confirm this theory and they answered the following: “DLV lookups are done using recursion. So if a TLD is in DLV (and has […]