Manually checking DNSSEC signatures

Written by Rick van Rein in category: Crypto, Procedures, Security, Technical

At some point while running DNSSEC, you will wonder if the base64 blobs in RRSIG and DNSKEY records are actually correct. We specify a few procedures that we follow to have Python calculate signatures if that happens to us. In what follows below, we are assuming that all your RSA public keys are in DNS; […]


Using Drill to validate signatures

Written by Rick van Rein in category: General, Procedures, Security, Technical

How can the Drill utility be used to ensure properly signed zones? When a zone encounters a problem, it is helpful to dig around in DNS, possibly probing the authoritatives directly to bypass validating resolvers. This will yield information, but not actually check signatures. The Drill utility is a replacement of Dig, and can actually […]

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